Middle East



The thousands of years old landmarks of Israel don't need any introduction and justify by themselves the journey. But they are not everything Israel has to offer. Hikes, bird watching, waterfalls, hot springs, scuba diving, skiing, museums... The list goes on and on. The geography of Israel is as diverse as the activities it proposes, featuring a mild Mediterranean climate in the north and a more arid one in the southern and eastern part of the country.

United Arab Emirates

Probably the first place that comes to your mind when you think about this country, Dubai is a futuristic city with its famous indoor ski slopes and palatial beach resorts. But the UAE is more than just this incredible city; it is formed of six very different emirates. South of Dubai, The capital Abu Dhabi is probably as impressive while the northern part of the country offers a more traditional experience. Despite those incredible cities, nothing comes close to the beauty of the silent Rub' Al Khali desert that extends until the southern border of Abu Dhabi.